About us

We are a passionate and energetic team about doing research and conservation with sea turtles, explore coastal communities and local cultures, search for sustainable alternatives to small communities depending on natural resources and show these topics to more people. Our main interest is travelling abroad, learning, enjoying while we try to do a better world.



wagner quiros director

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    Marta Pesquero programCoordinator


Wagner originally from Costa Rica has over 15 years of experience working with sea turtle research, conservation and artisanal fishing communities and a long career by leading university volunteer groups from North America, Australia and Europe through Costa Rica. He holds a MS in Environmental Science and Management from the prestigious University of California in Santa Barbara.  Wagner´s enthusiasm and travelling experience drives him and his team to provide the best possible experience for the participants.


Marta career starts working with fisheries in Europe as a fisheries observer in the North Atlantic and as part of a team of European researchers working to provide alternatives for Spain’s fishing industry. She got a M.Sc. in marine and coastal management and she worked as Marine Programme & Species Officer for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Latin America. She has travelled through 20 different countries, loves all about nature, food, Yoga, music and of course her two kids.